How it works:

Radiant Barrier

The material is high-tech, but the concept is simple. Our SolaShield Radiant Barrier reflects the heat from the sun that hits your roof. So less heat gets in your house.
Our highly-reflective paint is also used in the aerospace industry to shield sensitive equipment from intense engine heat. We use rocket science to save you money!

We spray our radiant barrier on the inside of your attic to reflect the sun’s heat.

Our Radiant Barrier technology may be advanced, but how it works to save you money is easy to understand.  By reflecting away nearly 80% of the sun's energy from your roof, your attic stays cooler. A cooler attic means less burden on your air conditioner, so when your AC is running less often, it saves you money and improves the lifespan of your equipment.  

In winter, having a radiant barrier by EAS in your attic actually helps reflect heat back into your attic to keep your home warmer.  Click here for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about radiant barrier and more.

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How it works: